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Completion of the covered sports and recreation area

Planskizze des mittlerweile fast fertig erstellten Sportplatzes
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In January 2022, thanks to a generous donation from a non-publicly disclosed organization based in Zurich, the construction of a covered sports and recreation area was initiated. This marked the realization of a long-cherished dream.

The construction has since been completed (refer to the construction documentation film). Teachers and children are already actively using the sports facility, and the covered area has served its purpose for various public events and celebrations.

However, for the completion of the project, we are dependent on additional generous contributors who can support us with a one-time donation. Currently, we estimate a remaining financial need of approximately CHF 23,000 to fence the sports area and equip it with the necessary sports facilities. Outside of school hours, this will also allow for the utilization of the facility by local sports clubs and the community.

The following infrastructure and equipment work is still pending:

  • Fencing

  • Play and sports equipment (goals, baskets, net, balls, etc.)


Watch the film documentation of the construction process

Current status 

View construction budget of the last construction phase

Impressions of the construction process

Eine Menge Kinder tummelt sich während der Pause auf dem Sportplatz
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Current situation
May 20, 2024
(updated weekly)

Total of donations for this project:

Number of donors:


Video about 2nd stage of construction

Realized construction activities:

  • Execution of the painting work

  • Construction of the changing rooms

  • Installing the lighting

  • Laying the lawn

  • Infrastructure changinrooms

  • Sanitary installations

Pending work:

  • Fencing

  • Installation of sports equipment


single donors



Sportplatz vom Rasen her gesehen

Project manager:

Alessandro Fuso

Phone: +41 77 431 14 94

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