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Organization Svizzerland

The association PAFI (officially Associazione Centro PA.FI.) is a non-profit and voluntary organization and acts as the supporting association for the school in Brazil.

We assure you that all donations will be used in full for the project in Brazil.

The donations are transferred to Brazil in two installments per year for the upkeep of the school.

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Contact for Switzerland:

Alessandro Fuso

Phone: +41 77 431 14 94

Kauernde Schüler
Pasquale Fioretti

Pastor and missionary Pasquale Fioretti started a sponsorship project more than 25 years ago.

Teacher and catechist Maria Sinorette Almeida Souza has always had a heart for the poorest and leads the project on site.

Maria Sinorette Almeida Souza
Lachende Kinder

Organization Brazil

The non-profit organization named  PAFI - Centro de integraçao Social Pasquale Fioretti is registered with the Brazilian Ministry of Finance (Receita Federal Brasileira) as an NGO based in the state of Bahia.

PAFI - Centro de integraçao Social Pasquale Fioretti
CNPJ 05.425.951/0001-26 (identification number)
Rua Jiácomo Really s/n, Povoado de Burietá 
CEP 45465-000
Teolândia - Bahia - Brasil

The organization was launched with the construction of a social integration center with the aim of accompanying the poorest of the poor, integrating them into society and educating their children.

The Brazilian organization is headed by a twelve-member board of directors (Diretoría) and is under the supervision of the diocese of Ilhéus.

Contact for Brazil:

Maria Sinorette Almeida Souza

Phone: +55 73 8217 6331  

Association Centro PAFI


Sense and purpose of the association according to the statutes

The Centro PAFI association aims to promote the education and upbringing of children and young people, especially in the Third World, through sponsorships, patrons and donations, and to support needy families with various initiatives to set up a social work for young people and adults to foster a mature and responsible experience in the community.

The association does not pursue any commercial purposes and does not strive for profit.

tax exemption

Since 2006, the association Centro PAFI has been exempt from tax liability as an association with a non-profit purpose by the cantonal tax office of the canton of Zurich based on § 61 lit. f StG and Art. 56 lit g DBG.

Bananen- und Kakaopflanzen
Kinder beim Morgenappell


Pasquale Fioretti (president)

Alessandro Fuso (finance)

Richard Sägesser (administration)

Viviana Fuso (public relations)



Matthias Kappeler

Santo Macri

Documents: (german only)

association statutes

tax exemption

annual report 2023

invoice 2022-2023

budget 2023-2024

protocol of the association meeting 2023

Anker 1
Kinder in der Schule während der Pause
Kuhherde auf der Weide
Kinder sitzen im Schulzimmer in einem Kreis


2000     Completion of the   community center and start of the school with 2 classes

2002     Construction of the school building with 6 classrooms

2005     Founding of the Centro PAFI association in Switzerland

2007     Construction of the guest house to accommodate visitors

2008     Acquisition of the tabor with the aim of creating a source of income

2010     Opening of the retirement home

2015     Extension of the school to 12 classrooms after the sale of the tabor

2022     Construction of the sports and recreation area for the school

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