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Don Pasquale Fioretti

Catholic priest and missionary

Pasquale Fioretti worked as a priest and missionary in Brazil, among other places, where he met Maria Sinorette Almeida Souza as part of his work. The non-profit organization Centro de Integração Pasquale Fioretti, or PAFI for short , emerged there in the 1990s from the collaboration that has continued to this day .

In Switzerland, Pasquale Fioretti worked as a pastor for the Italian population in Biel, Herisau and Uster until he retired. During this time he coordinated the cooperation with Brazil and raised the necessary funds through donations and sponsorships.

The supporting association Associazione Centro PAFI, founded for this purpose, continues its work to this day, so that all realized projects continue to exist.  Pasquale Fioretti now lives in his native Italy, but still presides over the supporting association.

Gründer und Namensgeber Pasquale Fioretti
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Verantwortliche Person vor Ort in Brasilien
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Maria Sinorette Almeida Souza

teacher & catechist

Maria Sinorette Almeida Souza has always had a heart for the poorest and quickly realized that education was the most effective investment in the future. She began to teach children in improvised classrooms who lived under precarious conditions in wooden huts and mud houses and had no access to education.

In collaboration with Pasquale Fioretti, they managed to expand their activity, first by building a community center where classes could also take place. In a second step, a school building was built with donations from Italy and Switzerland, which now enables around 200 children to receive a high-quality education.

To this day, Maria Sinorette Almeida Souza is the responsible contact person on site. Over the years, she has made it possible to realize numerous other projects in addition to the school through her tireless commitment.

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Alessandro Fuso

Secondary school teacher & father of two daughters

Alessandro Fuso came into contact with the sponsoring association in Switzerland through his mother. This worked with Pasquale Fioretti as a clerk in the Italian Mission of Uster.

During a trip to Brazil in 2004, he visited the school that had already been built and was impressed by the quality of the educational work. He took on a sponsorship, visited the school two more times and has remained connected to it to this day.

When Pasquale Fioretti returned to Italy after his retirement, Alessandro Fuso declared his willingness to continue the work of the sponsoring association. He took over responsibility for administration and finances on the board of the association and maintained contact with the previous sponsors and donors.

Association Centro PAFI


Pasquale Fioretti (president)

Alessandro Fuso (finance)

Richard Sägesser (administration)

Viviana Fuso (public relations)


Matthias Kappeler

Santo Macri

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