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Lar São José - retirement and nursing home

More than 20 individuals, most of whom are elderly and require care, some of whom come from challenging circumstances, have the chance to spend their remaining years with dignity at Lar São José. Many of them are bedridden and in significant need of assistance. Their families are unable to provide care for them, and some no longer have any relatives available to support them.

In a meticulously maintained and compassionate environment, coupled with expert care from trained staff, the residents at Lar experience a level of care that is difficult to come by in Brazil.

The Lar São José retirement and nursing home primarily sustains itself through the pension funds of its residents. Frequently, residents' pension benefits must be claimed retroactively due to lack of prior attention. This delay, sometimes extending for months, results in significant loss of income.

However, as the ongoing costs for medication and personnel are very high, finances are chronically tight. Maintenance work often has to be postponed.

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