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PAFI - School

More than 200 pupils from underprivileged backgrounds have the opportunity to attend a daycare, kinder garden and primary school from the age of four and thus create a solid basis for their future.

In recent years, the activities have continuously been expanded thanks to donors and the great commitment of the volunteers on-site.

The school offers the following:

  • Pre-school & primary school

  • 200 children from 4-10 years old

  • 16 classes in 2 shifts (morning, afternoon)

  • 1 teacher + 1 assistant per class

  • 1 warm meal per day

Autistischer Junge auf den im Arm einer Lehrerin

The school is always at full capacity due to high demand. Children from Burietá itself are given priority. There is a waiting list for children from the surrounding hamlets. However, due to the high demand, children are often turned away, and they end up attending another school within the Teolândia municipality.

The high demand is attributed to the fact that the quality of education at this school far surpasses that of the surrounding schools. The school administration, teachers, and staff form a well-coordinated team, emphasizing not only knowledge but also ethical and moral aspects of community living.

In 2021, the school achieved a score of 7.0 in the National School Assessment. This marks an improvement of 0.5 points within two years, making it comparable to the educational level of a school in an industrialized nation or a private school in Brazil. The school administration and teachers take great pride in this achievement and are dedicated to preparing the students as optimally as possible for this year's school assessment.

Notably, the school also integrates a significant number of children with various disabilities into regular classrooms. Nearly 40 children have conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD, autism, Trisomy 21, or other symptoms that can significantly affect their learning. The inclusion of these children requires a tremendous effort and great flexibility from the school team.


Completion of a covered sports area

To complete the covered sports field for our school in Brazil, we are looking for donors who would be willing to make a one-off donation. The main part of the construction is already complete.

Further information

Documentation video about the construction

Current state of construction

Donate now!!!

Thank you very much!!!

Gesamtansicht des projektierten Sport- und Pausenplatzes
Sportplatz 2023_edited.jpg
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News from school

February 2024

Inauguration of the Support Room for Special Needs

Due to the increasing number of students with special needs, the establishment of a correspondingly equipped support room became necessary. Currently, approximately 40 children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD, autism, Down syndrome, or other symptoms that significantly affect learning, attend our school. Consequently, teachers have recently attended various training sessions in this regard.

Video: Inauguration of the Support Room

Schulkinder beim Zeichnen
Sinorette mit einer Familie vor deren Haus

September 2023

The porta em porta - semeando valores

In September, as part of the "From Door to Door" project, Sinorette visited the families of the children to get a closer look at their daily lives and engage in conversations with the families. Sinorette was warmly welcomed everywhere, and the families greatly appreciated this direct contact. At the same time, individual classes set out to visit their classmates at their homes.

Video: Sinorette visits the families

Video: The classes visit their colleagues

August 2023

Alessandro visiting PAFI

After a significant amount of time, this summer, Alessandro had the chance to travel to Burietá once more and engage in discussions with those in charge on-site. His visit was filled with positive experiences and served to strengthen trust. Alessandro received a warm and hospitable reception and actively immersed himself in the daily life of the community. In addition to visiting the school and the retirement home, he also paid visits to former students and was invited into the homes of some families.

Alessandro zu Besuch in Burieta
Familie beim Besuch eines Schulfestes

October 2023

Festa do esquisito

The "Festival of the Strange" took place for the second time. The goal is to dress as uniquely, colorfully, and oddly as possible. The festival offers a variety of activities for students and their families. Everyone contributes to this celebration, whether it's through a homemade delicacy or a performance. For the first time, a larger event could be held on the newly constructed covered sports field, adding an extra charm to the occasion.

August 2022

PAFI exceeds the desired quality goal

The Basic Education Development Index (Ideb) was created in 2007 to enable the setting of educational quality goals. The index ranges from 0 to 10 and is the tool for monitoring the quality objectives for basic education, which has set an average of 6 as its target for 2022 - a value that corresponds to a quality education system comparable to that of developed countries.

IDEB-Resultat grafisch dargestellt
Werte der Schule
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