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Begrüssung der Kinder

Community Center - Centro Communitário

The community center was the first building of the project to be realized. In the beginning, it housed the school, which consisted of only two classrooms.

The center is used for meetings, information events and festivals.

The project can also generate a small income from renting it out.

Einweihungsfest für das Centro comunitario

Guest House - Recanto PAFI

To accommodate donors and guests, the guest house was built a few years ago with private funds.

Interested parties have the opportunity to see and get to know the project with their own eyes and experience the immense value their donations bring to Burietá.

Visits can be organized via the secretariat and should be booked plenty in advance.


Other Projects

Countless smaller and larger projects have been realized by PAFI in the last 25 years. Anyone who needs help will be helped, mostly with simple means.

Thanks to the efforts of numerous people who are committed to the project and the community of Burietá, many miracles have been accomplished.


Some examples: 

  • Once a year, 20 to 40 young people spend a few days by the sea and learn what it means to live in a community.

  • Thanks to mini-loans and help from the community, the most underprivileged people have been able to build a house, open a hairdressing salon or a small restaurant.

  • A small band provides entertainment at events and festivals in the region.

  • Products that are confiscated by the financial police are made available to the NGO to be sold at the local bazaar. The bazaar creates jobs, attracts customers from the region and brings a revenue stream to finance new projects.


Pregnant women are also taken to the hospital at night, the sick are given medication, collapsed houses are rebuilt and jobs are created.

The list of small wonders that Burietá is able to experience thanks to the presence of PAFI and the generous donations is endless.

Gartenprojekt 2010

Retirement Home - Lar São José

The retirement home was opened in 2009. This building was largely constructed by volunteers and enabled by enormous commitment on-site and generous private donations from Italy and Switzerland.

The facility accommodates 22 elderly and needy people who receive 24-hour care and serves as a support center for residents of the village.

There is also a medical ward in the building. This way, people who can't afford to travel to health centers in the surrounding towns also receive medical care regularly.

Thanks to support from the municipality, the care center can be run cost-effectively.

Alte Menschen im Innenhof des Altersheim

Covered Sports & Recreation Area

The latest project is still ongoing. The creation of a covered sports field fulfills a long-standing dream of the school and project management.

The goal of the project is to provide plenty of space for the pupils to satisfy their urge to move during physical education classes and during breaks.

Film construction works 1st phase

Further information

Verschiedene Kreise mit Schulkindern

Farm - Tabor

The farm, acquired with private funds in 2008, is located just outside the village and is surrounded by 90 hectares of agricultural land.

The operation was run by a young, dedicated farmer who cultivated cocoa and bananas in addition to various tropical fruits trees. An initially small population of cattle and chickens thrived on the pasture land.

The farm was supposed to supply the school and the retirement home with fresh agricultural products and serve as an additional source of income for the project in the medium term.

Unfortunately, the young farmer died in a motorcycle accident. Because we could not find a successor, we had to sell the farm with a heavy heart. With the proceeds from the sale, however, the school could be expanded.

Rinder unterwegs zur nächsten Weide

Realized projects


Thanks to sponsorships and donations from Switzerland and Italy, around 200 pupils from Burietá have the opportunity to attend a crèche, kindergarten and primary school from the age of 4 to 10.

In addition to school supplies, the children receive a simple school uniform, one healthy meal a day and social, medical and psychological help.

In school, in addition to teaching material, great value is placed on moral, ethical and social education. The students learn to appreciate nature, to respect others and to follow rules.

The children get a lot of love and attention for their mental and physical well-being. They can pass these values on to their parents and siblings.

Begrüssung der Kinder


1999     First contacts and  Start of cooperation

2000     Completion of the   community center and start of the school with 2 classes

2002     Construction of the school building with 6 classrooms

2005     Founding of the Centro PAFI association in Switzerland

2007     Construction of the guest house to accommodate visitors

2008     Acquisition of the tabor with the aim of creating a source of income

2010     Opening of the retirement home

2015     Extension of the school to 12 classrooms after the sale of the tabor

2022     Construction of the sports and recreation area for the school

Lageplan der verschiedenen Gebäude in Burieta
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